Group of people

“The workshop was a good icebreaker and very enjoyable... it was also extremely thought provoking”
Clare Nukui, Acting Director International Students Foundation Programme, Reading University 

Diversity and cross-cultural working

Tailored to meet clients’ objectives, we deliver bespoke diversity and awareness programmes for a variety of private and public organisations including universities.  We don't ‘tick boxes’. We help identify and resolve issues.


  • Organisational policies and procedures structured to provide coherent and measurable benefits
  • An awareness of expectations around behaviours
  • A grasp of the legal and social framework within the UK
  • An introduction to the debate between assimilation and multiculturalism
  • A consideration of influences that form us, as individuals
  • Reinforcing the value of our difference and respect for others


  • Workshops of up to twenty five participants for maximum impact
  • Innovative demonstrations to several hundred people at a time when required
  • Accelerated learning techniques using a variety of stimuli
  • Interactive activities, games and use of  theatre when appropriate
  • Inclusive, with all opinions invited and challenged
  • Emphasis on the experience within any group and what they can learn from each other

Case Studies

  • For the Rural Payments Agency we have run interactive drama based Diversity programmes both at their headquarters in Reading and at staff Away Days.
  • For the Choice Support Group, who provides care and support for vulnerable adults in sheltered housing, we presented a programme of Diversity and Equal Opportunities workshops for their front line and management staff across the whole UK


Workshops may explore some of the following topics, our emphasis depending on the participants' experience and their specific objectives:-

  • What constitutes diversity?
  • What do we understand by the notion of culture?
  • How do we see ourselves and how might others see us in this context?
  • Nature, nurture and adopted beliefs
  • How do behaviours reflect our values?
  • Establishing a coherent philosophy around the value of diversity
  • The UK landscape and our changing demographics
  • The multi-cultural environment within our organisations
  • Globalisation,  commerce and cross-cultural working
  • Integration, assimilation and cultural diversity  -  some comparisons
  • The evolution of Equal Opportunities in the UK
  • Discrimination against women 35 years after Barbara Castle's bill
  • A summary of the UK and European legislation that impacts today
  • The business case for a diverse work force
  • Behaviour and etiquette, and different working styles
  • Tolerance and respect within your institution