Group of people

“I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow” Woodrow Wilson, US President

Rights and responsibilities

Looking after staff is not easy.  Things can go wrong, in spite of good intentions.  You know preventing difficulties is so, so much better and cheaper than putting them right.  But how do you sell that message in your organisation? Our approach is a creative and interactive examination of issues around employment law and the manager’s role that will engage everybody.


  • To support managers and team leaders in areas that can be sensitive, even volatile.
  • To communicate the consequences of poor practice or ‘getting it wrong’.
  • To provide them with tools and resources to handle their people more effectively.
  • To ensure participants to come away invigorated and with a new found confidence.
  • To help create environments that are efficient, profitable and good places to work.


Participants will have:

  • The confidence to address staff issues within organisational policies and procedures
  • Explored the basic concepts underpinning current employment and discrimination law
  • Knowledge of the rights and obligations and the legal requirements under which we all operate
  • Developed the antennae to avoid pitfalls  -  knowing when, where and how to get help
  • An understanding of both the cost of failure and the rewards that flow from managing people successfully
  • A safe pair of hands – providing, literally, boundless value to their business or organisation.  (A badly handled allegation of discrimination can result in unlimited awards against an employer)

Case studies

  • For The National Audit Office we directed the interactive drama that underpinned a day long course on the introduction of a new appraisal system
  • For IPC Media we wrote and performed interactive theatre for an ongoing course on Grievance and Disciplinary issues
  • For Metroline we devised, wrote and directed an ongoing two day seminar for managers addressing equality and performance issues delivered with five actors and one facilitator
  • For Savills we devised, wrote and delivered the drama content for an ongoing course addressing staff management issues for senior personnel and directors all over the UK 


We commonly work hand in hand with internal HR teams in both the design and delivery of our training.  This partnership benefits our programmes and enhances HR managers’ roles within their organisation.

Courses often take advantage of interactive drama - a useful vehicle with which to examine sensitive issues in an engaging and non-threatening way.

They are based on a strong understanding and knowledge of the relevant legislation but are not tutorials in statutory or regulatory detail.   Rather, they provide practical guidance and pragmatic suggestions in how to manage staff fairly within the law whilst observing company policy and procedures.

Managers have a responsibility to create environments in which staff will thrive. Though addressing the negative issues they may have to deal with, we strongly accentuate the positive rewards, both private and commercial, of good practice.

Although the issues will often be serious and complex, the training is engrossing and enjoyable.

Issues we might tackle

  • Redundancy
  • Handling poor performance
  • Timekeeping and absenteeism
  • Getting the best from appraisal systems
  • Disciplinary processes and dismissal
  • Managing grievances and tribunal claims
  • Gender and disability discrimination
  • Harassment,  bullying and duty of care
  • Pregnancy provisions
  • Managing probationary periods and mentoring