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“Total commitment. The improvisations worked just like you said they would — excellent” Richard Citron, BDO Stoy Hayward

Professional sales

When times are hard, a realistic and sophisticated approach to maintaining market share and business expansion counts more then ever.  We offer clients a strategic approach to business development in addition to pragmatic explorations of face-to-face selling and building customer relations.

Delegates will address their own roles and services within the sales process and wider organisational initiatives.  We provided training and specialist interactive theatre in the following areas:-

  • Selling professional services
  • Networking and winning new business
  • Influencing & persuading
  • Successful negotiating
  • Customer care and the organisation wide responsibility for business development


To produce professionals who can:

  • identify key strategies and potential customers or clients
  • assess requirements and gain commitment
  • handle objections with confidence
  • define objectives and generate more business.


Here are some of the issues we commonly tackle:

  • Key steps in generating business and keeping it
  • Why identify and differentiate between client or customer types
  • Matching solutions to customers' individual needs
  • Planning and preparing for meetings
  • Explaining, demonstrating and practising the selling and buying processes
  • Questioning techniques – getting to the heart of it and listening to the customer
  • Effective communication,  why the buyer buys – or does not
  • Building long term relationships with customers or clients
  • Demonstrating closing or ensuring commitment to the next step


  • Use of experiential learning to energise and illuminate topics
  • Feed back,  facilitation and shared experience            
  • Visual aids,  role play,  tips and techniques with practical exercises throughout
  • Establishing key learning points and action plans for each individual   

Case Studies

  • For Kings Sturge we provided a range of scenarios for a European commercial sales team
  • For Lurot Brand, a specialist London estate agency, we provided role play for a residential agency team
  • For Meta-morphose International we provide interactive graduate sales training programmes for a number of global and UK clients
  • For the Co-operative Society, for the second half of a two day event, we wrote and performed an interactive business drama for a practical course on influencing and persuading.  Within an unfolding story line, the participants determined outcomes and events as they exercised their new found skills.  This quest even took the teams onto the streets of central Manchester!   This highly successful course ran for three years and attracted participants from all areas of the business.