Group of people

“You can't talk your way out of a situation you behave yourself into.”
Dr Stephen Covey 



At any point in the business cycle, organisations need to face outwards and continue to build bridges.  But communication is not something you do by yourself.   It takes two and it’s a two way street.  

Our programmes examine:

  • The needs and preferences of individuals and organisations
  • Recognising and adapting to preferred styles
  • Adopting the appropriate medium, channel or forum
  • A definition of ‘effective communication’ to form a yardstick for measuring success.


  • Increased and more effective exchange of information and interventions within organisations
  • Enhanced external communications with suppliers, customers and clients
  • Enhanced public profile


  • Use of experiential learning to energise and illuminate topics
  • Feed back,  facilitation and constructive debate          
  • Visual aids,  music,  tips and techniques with practical exercises throughout
  • Establishing key learning points for each individual   


We provide courses around such topics such as:

  • Influencing and persuading
  • Telephone techniques  (including supply of role players and technology)
  • Business writing and e-mail etiquette
  • Handling the media,  using journalists and conducting interviews

Case studies

  • For Fremantle Media,  we provided 'one to one' coaching for senior personnel
  • For an International Pharmaceutical Company, we provided training for a sales team addressing communications and performance.
  • For Gabem we provided role play for call centre staff learning to cope with difficult or challenging enquiries.
  • For Markit, city financial information group,  we provided telephone role play with overseas accents and sector experienced actors