Group of people

“The people coming back are without exception thrilled by your professionalism, the impact of the course and the usefulness to their daily work” Dennis de Jong, ABN AMRO

Handling the media

When the notepad comes out, the microphone goes live or the camera starts to roll, a totally safe pair of hands is what any organisation requires to ensure their story is told with conviction and authority.


  • The media need our clients’ stories just as much as our clients need to get them out into the wider world.  The skill is in bundling and delivering the message so its appeal, cogency and relevance are irresistible.
  • We provide staff with skills to perform that role


We explore:

  • What does the other party want? Your agenda is not theirs
  • Balancing the benefits and even unforeseen dangers of media exposure
  • How to determine the message, style and ethos
  • The preparation necessary for a successful interview
  • The importance of strong, coherent and simple messages
  • How to perform with clarity and control in alien environments
  • Deflecting conflict and staying on top under media scrutiny
  • Strategies around damage limitation
  • Controlling the interview


  • Whole day seminar to individuals or small groups up to a maximum of six
  • Extensive use of video feedback and real world illustrations
  • Use of journalists and role players to provide authentic experience and confidence building


In addition to the range of skills required to deliver assured conferences, interviews and even the ability to overcome hostile questioning,  clients will have a firm grasp of:

  • the essential ‘trade’ between the media and corporate worlds
  • the role of third parties,  public relations agencies and news services
  • how to go about  using the media proactively
  • how to prepare and structure the potent message or the unassailable defence