Group of people

“Management means helping people to get the best out of themselves, not organising things.” Lauren Appley

Developing teams

If teams are not functioning well, it is someone’s responsibility to put it right.  The fate of the failing football manager, ‘lose on Saturday and you're out’, isn’t the best solution for most organisations.  We help managers get their teams humming with tailored programmes addressing long term strengths and flexibility.


To improve the effectiveness and performance of professional teams


Information and data collection from team members and key stakeholders

  • Issues that inhibit team performance identified
  • Interventions are developed and agreed with the client
  • Success criteria, opportunities and risks identified
  • Initial workshop facilitated to identify issues and impact on organisation, individuals and team
  • Possible use of psychometrics and questionnaires to help awareness and understanding
  • Each of the issues is addressed by the team with external facilitation
  • Action plans are identified and implemented and then followed up
  • Team development cycle is repeated as progress is made and further issues arise


  • Team goals and priorities
  • Role of leader and of each team member
  • Ground rules, ways of working and decision making processes
  • Relationships, individual strengths, limitations and preferred ways of working
  • Building trust and mutual understanding


  • Seamless working, minimising silos between departments
  • Consensus on organisational goals, priorities and strategy
  • Healthy relationships with conflict handled effectively
  • Accelerated integration of team members