Group of people

“I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.”
Woodrow Wilson, US President.


Before Greg Dyke was ousted from the BBC, when asked in an interview about leadership, he made the point that leadership was something he sought from everybody in his organisation.  One reason, perhaps, to explain why he was given an ovation by his people as he left.  

Our bespoke programmes address individual competencies alongside long term organisational development.


  • To enhance the leadership skills of individual managers
  • To extend their performance and competencies as organisational figureheads
  • To improve the performance of their teams and colleagues


  • Leadership is recognised to be the responsibility of all personnel
  • Leaders gain increased awareness of their strengths, areas for improvement and potential
  • Increased motivation of teams and individuals
  • Increased capacity and appetite to handle change


  • The difference between leadership and management
  • What leaders actually do
  • Taking personal stock using 360 degree feedback
  • Motivation, recognition and empowerment
  • Choosing the best leadership style for a given situation
  • The dual nature of leadership


  • Diagnostic survey to understand the nature of the leadership challenge in the organisation
  • Leadership programme is developed with the client, identifying:
    • programme content and outcomes
    • how it will be supported and sustained by the wider organisation
  • Leaders will be asked to request feedback on their leadership style, the results compiled to provide:
    • Clear goals for skill development
    • Overall assessment of the leadership profile across the organisation
    • Comparisons with other organisations as required
  • Outcomes at an individual and organisational level are reviewed with the client to identify learning and action themes.