“At last, a course I feel I have truly enjoyed and benefited from.”
Thomas Holcroft Director, Savills

Accelerated learning

We know people learn best when they are enjoying themselves.  We make no apology for the fact that our training is interactive, entertaining and engrossing.

Theatre provides an important delivery vehicle for The Learning Stage.  It is, however, only one of the techniques we employ within our programmes.  We use experiential and accelerated learning because they work.

Our workshop approach comfortably incorporates accelerated learning techniques and contributions based on participants own professional experience.


  • create an environment where all can contribute
  • make training lively, colourful,  interactive and fun
  • use music,  surprise and visuals - along with logic and more traditional approaches
  • get issues into the open with a variety of stimulating devices and techniques
  • know different people learn best in different ways  - so we provide the means
  • make training creative and pragmatic
  • respect preferences  -  nobody gets left out
  • provide time for reflection and enquiry
  • believe participants learn from each other - so provide that opportunity
  • are happy to challenge and be challenged but we always stress the positive

We always consider our brief within its workplace or organisational context.

Particular goals and the specific cultural background are identified and accommodated.  This ensures any intervention, especially the use of theatre, is properly targeted and the material will be relevant and accessible for its audience.

We consider this agile approach is vital if delegates are all to be engaged.  Another important bonus from this inclusive approach to training is improved team working.


“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Attributed to Confucius 551-479 BC