“Sean’s insights from psychotherapy, coupled with techniques from the actor’s toolbox, enable clients to develop an authentic presence” David Cooper, Corporate Psychologist

Sean Arnold


Sean ArnoldAs an executive coach Sean represents a unique combination of disciplines.   With the combined skills of the professional actor and the practising psychotherapist, his experience is excitingly brought to bear in the delivery of his ‘Gravitas’ course for The Learning Stage.

Gravitas is that powerful but elusive quality: a combination of sincerity, dignity, composure, grace, stillness and strength of character. 

Cultivating leaders’ awareness on how they make their ‘entrances and exits’ on the business stage, Sean enables them to secure a deep level of personal ‘grounding’.  He provides them with an access to their individual authentic ‘selves’, the results permeating their lives and radiating in their professional identities.

His specialist teaching uses the tools of the psychotherapist to reveal the essential quality of the magnetic, or ‘star’, personality.   Sensing the unique latent abilities and talents of each individual, he helps clients discover this quality in them selves.  He believes we all have it. 

Drawing on his insight, clients develop gravitas in their own terms. Through it they find greater presence, impact, dynamism, authority, flexibility, integrity and ability to inspire others.

Career background

Sean Arnold studied for the stage at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London,  gaining the Gold Medal for Speech & Drama in 1965.

There followed a highly successful career in films,  television, radio and theatre. Sean is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Inspector Crozier over nine years in the BBC TV series ‘Bergerac’.  He was nominated in the 2005 British Soap Awards for Best Actor.  In 2008 he was seen in the HBO/BBC film series, ‘House of Saddam’ in the UK and worldwide. 

Sean trained in counselling and psychotherapy at the UK College for Complementary Health Care Studies, St Charles Hospital, London between 1992 and 1995.  He gained the City & Guild of London Certificate and the UK College for Complementary Health Care Certificate in 1994.

A member of the psychotherapy team at the Hale Clinic under Dr Rajendra Sharma between 1995 and 2000 and with the same team at The Diagnostic Clinic until 2011, he is now in private practice in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Sean has worked over the last two decades as an executive coach to managers in the finance sector, the legal profession, the media and major retail corporations in London and the Channel Islands.