Standard Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions shall apply to work booked with THE LEARNING STAGE by the Client unless mutually agreed in writing prior to commitment.

1. Period

They will remain in force from the date of the first booking until cancelled in writing.

2. Fees

The fees cover work by THE LEARNING STAGE for the Client where ever delivered, as specified in the Confirmation of Booking or other contract.  Fees and expenses will be subject to VAT where appropriate.

3. Expenses

The following expenses will be billed by THE LEARNING STAGE to the Client in addition to fees specified above:-

a) Travel, transport and courier expenses

b) Hotel accommodation

c) Printing and reproduction

d) Hire or licensing of video or equipment

e) The cost of providing dedicated theatre pieces, including but not limited to:

i)   rehearsal facilities and production costs, technical provision, hires and transport

ii)   travel, subsistence and accommodation costs for all contributors rehearsing and performing as required

f) Venue costs if not provided by the Client

g) Other costs and expenses necessarily incurred, including those due to changes in the Client’s requirements or in the case of cancellation or postponement, all costs or expenses which THE LEARNING STAGE are obliged to meet in any event.

4. Payment Terms

Invoices will be submitted on completion of the specified work or in stages, if agreed.  Payment will be due within 28 days of receipt of invoice.  A 2% per month charge will be incurred for any delayed payments.  Outstanding Credit Balances will be repaid within 28 days of a written request.

5. Cancellations & Postponements

If, for any reason, the Client has to cancel or postpone a booking, this should be notified in writing, and the cancellation fees set out below will apply.


  Notice given        Proportion of contract value payable
  less than 7 days   100%
  less than 28 days 50%
  more than 28 days  25%

However, if the Client should re-book the activity for delivery within 60 days of the original start date and THE LEARNING STAGE are able to reschedule their commitment, THE LEARNING STAGE will treat this as a postponement and apply a reduction of half the percentage rates shown above to the original fees.       

6. Force Majeure

THE LEARNING STAGE will use its best endeavours to carry out the contract as agreed but shall not be liable for the loss (whether direct or consequential) suffered by the Client, in the event of THE LEARNING STAGE being unable to complete the work in whole or in part due to matters beyond its reasonable control, which expression shall include (but shall not be confined to) illness, strikes, lock-outs or other labour disputes, theft of materials from any venue, accident or breakdown of motor vehicles or other forms of transport, errors made by venue or hotel staff or similar in making booking arrangements, other delays in travel, fire, riot, civil unrest or war.

7. Variation

Any variations to these Terms must be agreed by both the Client and THE LEARNING STAGE and confirmed in writing in advance of the delivery date.

8. Confidentiality

THE LEARNING STAGE shall not disclose, publish or authorise others to publish any reports or information pertaining to our contract with the Client, without the prior written approval of the Client.  The Client will not disclose, publish or authorise others to publish any materials provided by THE LEARNING STAGE.

9. Copyright

THE LEARNING STAGE retains the copyright in any reports, manuals, workbooks, theatre scripts or other materials supplied, unless a specific agreement is made in writing to assign or license such rights to the Client.

10. Replacement Consultants

Where a specific consultant is scheduled to run a course and is unable to fulfil this commitment, THE LEARNING STAGE will make every effort to replace him or her with another experienced consultant subject to the agreement of the Client.  Where consultants cannot be replaced and the course does not run there will be no charge for the specific days involved.

11. Confirmation of Booking

After any contract is agreed THE LEARNING STAGE will whenever practically possible furnish a written Confirmation of Booking detailing the contractual provisions agreed between the Client and THE LEARNING STAGE, receipt of which should be acknowledged in writing by the Client without delay.