Group of people

“Thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly constructive / helpful / productive course yesterday.”
Christopher Bramwell, Director, Savills

Presentation skills

Let's keep this message simple  -  we enable presenters to realise their full potential and create impact.

Whether alone or part of a group, we work with individuals.   There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to speak or deliver a presentation.  People are different.  Styles vary from one person to the next.  For each individual there are things that work and things that don’t.  We provide experienced, honest and supportive comment and coaching.  Confidence and encouragement open the door to successful technique, whatever level you are at.


  • To meet the specific goals of each individual with techniques that work for them
  • To inspire confidence, highlighting improvements and demonstrating that presenting can be enjoyable and rewarding
  • To show that the ways we communicate will always reflect our diversity,  but there are pitfalls to avoid and skills that can be brought to bear
  • To ensure unique personalities, vocal and physical attributes are focused to best effect through structured preparation and rehearsal


Participants will have:

  • Existing strengths identified and enhanced
  • Firm confidence of  success with their very next opportunity
  • Areas to continue to develop with specific exercises and techniques
  • New ideas and knowledge about devising and writing telling presentations
  • A measurable advance to their personal and professional skill set
  • Increased value to their business


Trainees will spend most of their time working on their feet with a very high level of individual feed back.  Sessions are based around the process any performer, teacher, presenter or spokesperson goes through as they prepare.  Great care is taken to make the process fun, enjoyable and relentlessly constructive.

Our workshops are characterised by:

  • Constant re-engagement, stimulation and encouragement
  • Working with a specialist director offering immediate analysis,  suggestions and rehearsal techniques to illustrate what’s working and what isn’t until we get it right
  • Tackling specific business presentations with exercises that engage and illuminate using complimentary and contrasting material 
  • High interaction, with group feedback, self criticism and mutual support whilst establishing key learning points for each individual
  • Video support as appropriate, bibliography and workbook for revision and further learning


All programmes are tailored to meet your needs, but here are some of the issues we might tackle.

Designing your presentation 

  • Structures to develop concepts, build arguments or drive narratives
  • Recapitulation, signals and signs that ensure your case is clear and memorable
  • Skilful transitions and opening and closing to maximum effect
  • Devising scripts, prompts and graphic aids that help and don’t hinder

Getting into the right frame of mind 

  • Preparation and rehearsal     
  • Dealing with and using your nerves to your advantage  
  • Relaxation,  visualisation, confidence and self-belief

Your ‘stage presence’

  • Making an entrance  -  first impressions and subliminal messages     
  • Establishing, owning and using your space
  • Projecting the essential ‘you’  -  posture, style and appearance
  • Using silence, expression and good humour to create rapport

Performing on your feet

  • Key messages, your storyline and methods to keep on track
  • Handling questions,  facilitation skills,  interaction and constructive debate
  • Do's and don'ts around slides,  visual aids and amplification
  • Suppressing distracting mannerisms to establish confident movement and gesture
  • Techniques for grabbing and holding attention and leave them wanting more

Your unique voice     

  • How to look after it and develop breath control to power your speech
  • Achieving appropriate tone, pace, pitch and volume
  • Exercises for clarity,  inflection, modulation and attack 
  • Physical and vocal preparation,  how to limber up in the real world