“The workshop was a good icebreaker and very enjoyable... it was also extremely thought provoking”
Clare Nukui, Acting Director International Students Foundation Programme, Reading University

Awareness Training for Overseas Students

If you are involved in developing programmes in higher education for foreign students who need to find their feet in the UK, our original courses will help transform that experience for them.

These courses are designed to the requirements of the host's own Induction Programme and are presented using appropriate language and techniques to suit your student profile.

They address themes around:

  • cultural awareness
  • diversity and multiculturalism in the UK
  • stereotyping and expectations
  • behaviours

They are highly enjoyable, accessible and pragmatic, assisting students with important practical considerations around their conduct and successful integration within their new environment.

Case Studies

  • For the University of Reading we run a session on cross cultural working within their overseas students' induction programme.
  • For Royal Holloway, University of London, we wrote the interactive theatre component for a day long diversity training event for the entire staff of fourteen hundred people, academics and support staff alike.  This dramatic narrative mirrored the issues around Equal Opportunities that the university wished to address and provided the raw material for debate and tutorials on diversity issues.


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