“The way in which it was presented with the use of actors was very effective, spot on, and surprisingly interesting and stimulating ”
Ian Muxlow (Director, Savills). 

Interactive drama

We are experts in developing and facilitating effective, enjoyable and pragmatic theatre that illuminates business issues and delivers training objectives.

This type of interactive training can take many forms.  We work in partnership with our clients to create bespoke drama that delivers business advantage.  Here’s how:

  • Based on our brief, any research or analysis is undertaken as may be appropriate.
  • Required outcomes are carefully weighed with alternative delivery methods.
  • A plan of the proposed training is scoped out and initial ideas for any theatre to highlight the training objectives are discussed with our client.
  • It may comprise a series of scenes developing particular issues or a single narrative or play.   These can all provide the basis of interactive workshop sessions or stimulate role play opportunities.
  • We create original scenarios that are set within fictional workplaces but where wider parallels are clear, allowing delegates to concentrate on personal or organisational issues without threat or distraction.  
  • A first draft of the drama component is scripted.
  • At a read-through of the material with professional actors, clients gain a genuine feel for the theatre component and discover exactly how their programme will work as a whole.
  • Feedback forms the basis for a second draft incorporating revisions and we assemble all material for approval.
  • Clients are welcome to contribute to rehearsals with our actors and consultants.

Notwithstanding this careful preparation, we often use theatre as a fluid resource within a programme.   The option to improvise in response to delegates’ initiatives is an exciting device.  We can develop the scenario and the learning through interaction between the ‘characters’ and the delegates. They can explore and experiment.  They can determine outcomes. We identify issues when necessary but they make their own discoveries before we draw conclusions. This form of experiential learning is engaging, powerful and memorable.


“Why not go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is. ” Will Rogers, cowboy, actor, philanthropist, 1879-1935.


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