“ Having the actors involved ... was more enjoyable, faster moving ... you had to think quicker on your feet.” Thomas Holcroft, Savills

Role Play

The Learning Stage provides anything from a single role player with specific sector experience to teams of twenty or more actors for large scale corporate and public service programmes.

All our actors are experienced professionals and know how to apply their expertise to specific learning objectives.  They are skilled facilitators in their own right.

Based on our clients’ requirements, we produce and write original scenarios to provide convincing, illuminating and challenging exercises for training.   We brief and rehearse our role players in depth.

We have firm views on how and when role play should be introduced for positive results.  We are expert in ensuring it flows naturally from participants’ reactions to issues within their course or professional experience.

In our hands it is commonly a spontaneous response to a debate or discussion.  We do not regard it as ‘performance’ and neither do we regard it as a rehearsal of professional skills in a conventional sense.  We do use it use it to illuminate those skills and to demonstrate approaches that work and those that don’t.

We make it enjoyable and it is always deployed within a supportive environment.  Though some individuals will find value in the role play itself, we believe that most learning for most people derives from the way in which the exercise is facilitated and capitalised on.

If this rings bells, ring us.

Our unique approach benefits our own clients and others including:

  • Learning & Development companies
  • Vocational training suppliers
  • Public service organisations
  • HR and training consultants

“Fun isn’t always educational and education isn’t always fun, but when the two come together - it just doesn’t get any better.” Tom Jackson


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