“It was highly thought provoking and having the actors involved, added something different to the mix.” Thomas Holcroft, Savills

Business theatre & role play

Drama provides one of the most effective, memorable and enjoyable tools available within the training room.

Theatre brings realism, subtlety and sophistication to the business of learning.  Yet if you have ever heard a colleague say, “I hate role play”, or, “theatre’s a waste of time”, you are certainly not alone.  A negative experience in the way drama has been introduced within their training will, almost without exception, be the cause.

The Learning Stage gets this right.

We introduce a powerful ingredient to our clients’ programmes that will teach, stimulate and entertain. By unlocking our delegate’s curiosity, imagination, confidence and sense of fun, we are able to tackle difficult, serious and complicated business issues that effect the environments in which we work, our output and our profitability.

It is undeniably a source of satisfaction to hear initially reluctant delegates say how useful and invigorating they found these elements within our training. Our evaluation records show a large majority describe role play and interactive theatre as the highlight and most effective part their training. Follow the links below to learn why.